During your initial denture consultation, our dentist will examine your mouth to determine which type of denture will be most effective for you and begin the process of designing and creating your denture.

Receiving dentures can be a somewhat lengthy process, though most dentures can be fitted in a maximum of five appointments.

During your first visit, preliminary impressions will be taken of your mouth in order to create a casting. This casting is used to create custom impression trays for your final impression later on. This more detailed impression will be used to form the base of your final denture. We will also register your bite to help us place the teeth of your denture correctly. At this point, we will be able to create your denture.

After your denture has been created, you will have a “try-in” visit where you place the dentures in your mouth to see how they look and feel. We recommend that you bring someone with you to this visit to get a second opinion on how your appliance looks. At this stage, the teeth of your dentures can be changed and moved as desired. If you would like to make any changes during this phase, you may need to schedule another try-in appointment. After you have approved your dentures, we will fix the teeth into the appliance and complete any other changes needed.

In your final appointment, our dentist will give you your completed denture and provide any necessary adjustments to fine-tune your appliance. Please be aware that you may need to have your dentures adjusted slightly in a few weeks after they have settled in your mouth.

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